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Flaws (Acoustic version)


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Legolas and Gimli for tigertatze

Thorin and Bilbo for crocochoo

Bilbo and Kili for captainclint

and Melkor with Yavanna for hatteeho 


I just looked up Bog Unicorn


I swear I’d still love it




if you agree with the asshattery that bisexuality is not a solid sexual orientation and is unrealistic then you can just bebop on out of here because i don’t care for your kind ‘round these parts



(i don’t understand what ‘three sentences’ means)

"Would you like to meet my daughter?" The question was so out of the blue that Doriki almost spit out his lavender peppermint mocha latte, which would have been a) embarrassing, given that they were sitting in a fairly crowded coffee shop, and b) a shame, given how much it cost.


"My daughter," Lothaire repeated. "Lilitha. The one and a half year old one, not the twenty three year old one."

"I- that’s- Today?"

"No, she’s at her mom’s. But I have her next weekend. So if you wanted to…" Lothaire looked down at his half finished jasmine tea and swirled it around. "I mean, it wouldn’t be very exciting for you, since she’s so young, but we could take her to the park or something. If you’d like. I just thought… well, we’ve been seeing one another for a few months, and I… I like you, and Lilitha is very important to me. So why not? Why not."

Doriki did not recall Lothaire ever seeming nervous before, and certainly not rambling. It threw him, but after a moment he was able to respond, “Yes. I- Yes, I’d love to. I look forward to it.”

Lothaire’s shoulders relaxed. He took a sip of his tea. “It’s a date,” he said briskly, cool composure back in place. “Good. I was worried you wouldn’t be interested.”

"I love kids."

Lothaire raised an eyebrow. “I had no idea. That’s the most surprising thing I’ve heard you say to date.”

"Well," said Doriki, "then we’re even."

Ramsay Snow being as pink as he possibly can be to prove to his Dad that he’s a real Bolton.

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